Frequently Asked Questions

Do we have to buy equipment?

We provide all necessary equipment (amps, instruments, cables, etc.) for both shows and practices, however most students have their own instruments so they can practice at home and be comfortable.

How often do they have concerts, and do they cost money?

Each band usually has a show about every other month, depending on readiness and scheduling.  Most shows are free but on occasion there may be a small door fee or cost to get into an event for non performers.

Can we write our own music?

Yes, we will work on writing original music as the students are ready but to begin we usually start with some covers so we have material to perform.

What age can the students be?

We usually take anyone from Kindergarten and up, we do have adults in the program as well.  Any younger than Kindergarten and the students have a hard time effectively using the instrument physically.

How do we sign up?

Just send us a message on the homepage or give us a call, we will schedule a time to come peek in on a practice or even sit in.  You can also stop out and watch a performance to see what we are all about!

Can we play Seven Nation Army?